Wk 11 – Artist OTW – Student Choice

Guadalupe Murillo

Professor Glenn Zucman

Art 110

5 November 2020

Peter Doig

Peter Doig is a well known scottish painter that has sold some of his most famous paintings for millions. Doig was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.Due to his father’s job he and his family moved to Trinidad in 1962,and then to Canada in 1966. He studied art in London at the school of Wimbledon School of Art, Saint Martin’s School of Art, and Chelsea School of Art. In 2002, Doig was invited to return to a place where he used to live, Trinidad, the plan was to take an artist residency with his friend and painter Chris Ofili. In 2002 Doig decided to move back to the island and start up a studio at the Caribbean Contemporary Arts Centre near Port of Spain. He also later came to become a professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Germany. Throughout his career Doig managed to win multiple prizes for his paintings, one his most recent prize is being named. Whitechapel Gallery Art Icon in 2017.

Peter Doig is said to be the artist who re-inserted magic, narrative, and lyricism into painting.His paintings can vary from urban, rural, and wooded landscapes as well as. artists’ studios and figures in fishing boats. Doig’s paintings almost always contain human figures, and often are hidden by their environment. He uses few techniques of. abstract painting , such as the dot or splatter in order to emphasize representation. Doig uses color very often. and extremely well. Colors that can be found in his paintings are cool, warm, and bright. He has a great way of pairing each color together to balance the composition. Doig also uses complementary colors like sickly greens, sentimental pastels, and uncompromising reds, which are very bold and unique.

Many of Peter Doig paintings are landscapes and preferably abstract. They focus on his lifestyle as a child, which is why most of his paintings include scenes from his childhood. Doig drew a lot of inspiration out of photographs, movies, newspapers, and other artists. Most of his paintings are based on photographs that exist or of his own, however he doesn’t try to remake the original photo but instead uses it as reference. Doig mentioned multiple times that his paintings had no attempt at remaking the original photo.While at art school Doig was able to develop his unique approach to art. Doig incorporates romantic landscapes as well as applying abstract elements.

I really enjoyed reading and learning about Peter Doig’s paintings. It is very inspiring how he uses past experiences to express his feelings and make a certain landscape unique and beautiful. Incorporating one’s lifestyle into art is very important, it helps the painter tell a story with every piece.It doesn’t just help you know the painter’s talent but gives you an. intake into their life as well. Art is all about grasping inspirations from others and making it your own. I really enjoyed learning that Doig focused on photograph landscapes but made them completely his own with his experience and incorporation of colors. His unique way of using colors and abstract methods really sent a message that many other artists can’t get across. It’s no wonder he was recognized so many times, his art is the definition of abstract and uniqueness.